What is.

21 07 2010


Praha graffiti photo by author

Innocuous graffiti on wall in unknown Prague alley. Photo by writer


Label randomly is an explicit instruction and a dismissive remark. It is a paradox short of an oxymoron. It is a repository for artwork and work that is not quite art, and contains pictures that move by way of emotion or just keep still.

Label randomly is also an anagram of the first and last name I go by–the first being a composite of my mother’s and father’s. It is an ordinary-sounding label that, in fact, was chosen after much thought and deliberation or so I was told.

Work for me is partially a misnomer. Much of what went into its completion was drawn from joy tempered with skepticism born of experience and, sometimes, exasperation. Tasks done as a requirement or for a fee are labeled work.

Writing most things gratis is usually playtime but not all things play are free. Often, undertakings labeled play are the ones that cost more and take more work to accomplish.

Label randomly. Randomly label. Absorb what you can, believe what you want, tread lightly or make yourself be heard. Life is a choice and so is your presence in this site.

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